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Our care team line : 026774188
Opened Saturday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Home Care Service

Home Care Service

* Al Amana Home Health Care provides visiting nurse, physician or other health professional all licensed by HAAD for home care services for patients of all ages ranging from newborn to elderly.

* Al Amana Home Health Care include home care physician consultation prior to the patient going home from the hospital, house/home preparation to set up equipment/special bed etc., the telephonic consultation, and the transportation.

* Al Amana Home Health Care will provide homecare health services in the Emirates of Abu Dhabi for Hospitals, Medical centre or polyclinic, Medical clinic, Rehabilitation centre

* Al Amana Home Health Care provides the following service activities to clients according to individualized services with the supervision of the physician:

  • Provide personal care such as bathing, dressing, shaving, hair care, changing incontinent clients, assisting with ambulation and prescribed exercises.
  • Assist clients in following treatments prescribed by Physician or therapist.
  • Support and encouragement to individuals and their caregivers dealing with illness or disability.
  • Teach or retrain the individual in practical methods of managing the disability.
  • Plan of care, development, management and evaluation
  • Assessment, evaluation, treatment, management and follow up
  • Telephonic consultation
  • Prescription of medical supplies and equipment
  • Home preparation to assess environment and set up equipment where required
  • Home visit for prenatal evaluation and management
  • Home visit for postnatal evaluation and management
  • Home visit for newborn evaluation and management
  • Home visit for evaluation and management of peritoneal dialysis.
  • Home visit for evaluation and management of pain.
  • Home visit for complex wound care.
  • Education and counseling, consistent with the type/nature of treatment and/or care management need
  • Nursing Care services must be provided by a licensed nurse, including:
  • Management and evaluation of a Patient Care Plan
  • Observation and assessment of patient’s condition, vital signs assessment
  • Administration of medications and instruction on Medication including but not limited to (Injections, IV’s, Inhalation, Oral, Infusions, Rectal, and Enterals) by a Registered Nurse only.
  • Management of palliative care patients who have a diagnosis of cancer or advanced progressive illness/terminal life threatening disease of disabilities, including pain management
  • Daily insulin injections, supervision of patients with diabetes and monitoring blood glucose
  • Tube feeding Management
  • Nasopharyngeal & tracheostomy aspiration
  • Indwelling catheter care and maintenance
  • Wound care
  • Ostomy care and maintenance
  • Assessment for oxygen therapy requirements
  • Assessment and administration of peritoneal dialysis
  • Prenatal, Postnatal and newborn assessment
  • Education and counseling


Our Medical Professionals are licensed from HAAD including Physician, Registered Nurses and Physiotherapists.


The headquarter of Al Amana Home Health Care is located in Emirate of Abu Dhabi  and is opened Saturday to Thursday, from 8am to 5pm. Out of this duty time, an on call officer will be available through  mobile phone.



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We look forward to introduce you to our dynamic team of home health care professionals. Call us today and Al Amana Home Health Care team member will immediately assist you and your family, and help you to choose the right care model for you that will allow you to stay safely in your home with reliable, skilled and compassionate care.

That is our promise!